Celestial Farms

A Place for Healing, Learning, Growing

At Celestial Therapeutic and Ornamental Gardens, our goal is to assist people of all abilities to enjoy the therapeutic benefits caring for a garden can provide. Now doing business as Celestial Farms, we have expanded the vision to include all aspects of sustainable farm living. The farm provides a place for healing, learning, and growing. We reach children with our full-time preschool and summer camp program. We help adults through yoga classes, self-reliance club, essential oils lessons, and free parenting classes. People of all ages can grow through volunteering and other outreach programs. The animals that live here receive - and give - love and healing. Rescued animals can find a new forever home, or stay with us to help educate and provide therapy to the people who come to visit them. People - and animals - of all abilities can find a refuge here to heal, learn, and grow.

Rescue Support

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Your Opinion Matters

Check out Our Story to read a little more about what we do, or browse through the site to find out all of the ways you can benefit from a visit.

The farm is always growing and changing, and new classes are being added. We depend on our volunteers and members for input because YOU are the ones receiving the benefits! We are always eager to hear feedback on how we can better serve you. Please let us know if there is any program that you think we should add, or a way we can improve currently available services.

Current Adoptables

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Calendar of Events

Please do NOT send emails to celestialtherapeutic@gmail.com This email address is used ONLY for calendar purposes. The calendar is public so that you may copy events to your calendar to receive reminders, etc. The email address is not intended for communications. Please email info@celestialfarms.org or use the Contact Form or call us directly at (904) 647-5265. Thank you!

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