A Message from Lisa!

Hello Volunteers! We had a great Fall Fair on Saturday, all thanks to our great volunteers! We couldn’t do it without you.


We have two remaining dates in November for Saturday Volunteering. November 19th and 26th, form 9am to 3pm.

We will be working on re-constructing some fences, and re-building the rabbit yard! A big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated tools, lumber, and time so far for this project! The rabbits will soon be storm and critter proof in their big, safe, brand new home. New Volunteers welcome! We will be starting 9am sharp. It’s supposed to be chilly this Saturday, with highs only in the 70’s, so that means it’s gloves and hot cocoa for us Floridians. Wear an extra layer!

Speaking of winter, We will be having our Christmas On The Farm on Saturday, December 10th. More on that as it approaches, but we will need volunteers!

Winter Camp is fast approaching! We will be running Winter Camp for all kids off from school from December 23rd to January 9th. We need volunteers who would like to help with the toddlers to 12’s we’ll have. We want to make it a fun winter break for everyone, so we’ll be doing crafts, horse and train rides, nature walks, fun classes and experiments, and lots more! This is a great way for you High School and College kids to fill any volunteer hour requirements you might need for graduation. Remember, Volunteer Experience looks great on college or work resumes!

On a personal note, I’m going to highly recommend everyone take some kind of flu precautions. It’s going around early this year, and I’m currently sweating/shivering through it. It’s not fun and I wish I got my flu shot. I’ll be wearing a scarf or mask on Saturday if i’m still coughing.

Please let me know if you’re interested in any of the volunteer dates listed above.

-Lisa Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator Celestial Farms