Excuse the Dust

Please excuse the mess around here. I am making some major changes to the website this season and want it to look super-duper spiffy for you. Hopefully I will be adding some really cool new features (like Gruff’s head right up there at the top of your screen – waaaaaaay up there at the top of your browser!) Ok, so there will be some things that are even cooler than that later, but this was an accomplishment for me, seriously.
Right now, I am in the middle of a few things, so you may notice some parts of the site or some features you liked before have temporarily disappeared. Please be patient while I bring things back all brand new and shiny. If you are especially concerned about an item, please contact me at Webadmin@celestialfarms.org and I will get on it right away. In the meantime, please do note that events for 2016 have been uploaded to the calendar and you should start seeing more things there in the future. Times have been updated and it is even actually displaying Eastern Time Zone!! I know, thrilling, right? More updates, including the annual report from our president, coming very soon!