How Can I Help with Donations?

Yup, we said the ugly word. We mentioned money. Because, you know what, most of our suppliers won't take things like homemade soaps in exchange for animal medications. Big surprise, huh? And don't ever try to pay your bank in home-grown lettuce; they will not be amused. Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible, but there are many things every day for which we need good ole' American dollars. Fortunately for you, there are many different ways for you to contribute yours.

If you stop by for a visit, the simplest way to give a donation and still remain anonymous is to very quietly sneak over to one of our donation boxes and drop in a bit of cash. Or you can be not so anonymous and bring in a giant check a la Publisher's Clearinghouse. Either way, we will be equally overjoyed to receive much-needed funds.

Let Amazon Donate For You

Amazon will now donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases when you shop at AmazonSmile ( All of your Amazon account settings stay the same, but they give to the non-profit of your choice. Just select Celestial Therapeutic and Ornamental Gardens as your non-profit choice and the farm will receive a donation from Amazon on your behalf!

Donate Through Network for Good

The leading giving platform for powering worthy causes. Choose a one-time or monthly gift in any amount you choose (your lucky numbers, maybe?). Share a much or as little information as you choose. Give anonymously, in memory of, or on behalf of another. No-risk platform designed for non-profit donations.

Collect through Pledgeling

The Pledgeling network currently includes a website, app, and Each of those platforms is free for both donors and nonprofits to use. One donor is using her birthday to collect pledges! How will you use it?

Support Through Crowdrise

You can do anything from making an anonymous donation to creating a fundraising campaign of your own (and score lots of Crowdrise points to cash in for stuff).

Avoid the Middle Man

The fastest and simplest online method to give any amount that you like is Paypal. Send donations to
No Paypal account is required on your part, all major credit/debit cards accepted - even gift cards that are backed by major credit card companies!