Goats Hate Wet Feet!!

goat wet hooves - Copy

It is no joke that goats hate wet feet. They will climb on anything and cry to let you know that they aren’t up there playing King of the Mountain – this time. This time it is because the Ground…
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Yogi Prakash Dhungana Visits!


Yogi Prakash Dhungana will be subbing Jesse’s normal Tuesday class at Celestial Farms this week. It will begin at the normal 7:00 p.m. time, but will be a Hatha yoga class. He is raising money for his efforts in Nepal…
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Farm News


A LOT of things have been going on at the farm this week – in case you don’t follow us on Facebook, here are some highlights: Gruff (and the lady goats) Thank you all for your support during his fundraiser….
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Yoga Class Updates


So excited about the interest in our Yoga practice! We are running a special through the month of May for our current Tuesday night group will only be $5 per person if you take home at least one flyer to…
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Shiny New Official Title

volunteer coordinator Lisa

Extra super special volunteer lady, Lisa Johnson, has been dubbed “Volunteer Coordinator” for all of the help she offers Celestial Farms. From running a tumblr blog about her adventures on the farm, to organizing events like Have a Hart Day,…
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How can we afford NOT to reuse things?


We all have excuses…. I am too busy to wash those. Won’t the extra laundry load just be wasting water? Reusable items cost so much. I can’t afford that. Who has time to deal with that stuff? But disposable is…
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Gardening for Therapy


Every one of our senses is engaged when we work in the garden. The colors and shapes of the plants and flowers, the smell of the plants and the earth, the texture of leaves and the feel of mud between…
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Have a Hart Day


– From the Have a Hart Day site: “Have you ever been low and then volunteered and felt awesome? SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN THERAPY! Introducing HAVE A HART DAY, a new initiative to organize and mobilize fans and friendly humans…
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Free Facilities for Service Project


Scout troops and church youth groups can come use our facilities for free or you can make a donation. We just ask that you perform a service project with your event. The barn, picnic house, gardens and more are available…
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You can eat healthy and organically

organic and cheap

“The notion that processed food is cheap and integrity foods are prohibitively expensive is simply not true.” — Joel Salatin Read more from Joel, here: http://trib.al/IPUVmHd. Learn more about growing your own food for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle at…
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