Children’s Programs

Children are a gift…

Children learn through their actions and through observing the actions of the adults and other children surrounding them.

We aim to teach compassion and responsibility by having the children help to care for the animals and gardens, each to his own ability. A favorite activity of the preschool-aged children is collecting eggs. The older kids enjoy working with the larger animals during summer camp and on volunteer days throughout the year. We hope that the lessons the children learn here will stay with them throughout their lives.

Veronica Crider has been a professional in Early Childhood Education since 1986. Board Members include local teachers and other professionals.

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Summer Day Camp
Kids of all ages (up to 14) enjoy exercise and fun in the sun while learning about life on a farm. Plus the pool!

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Home School Days
The 2nd Friday of each month September through May is for home school groups and families to come in for a free class

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Field Trips
Groups of all sizes and ages are welcome to tour the farm. We can create a personalized tour to suit your needs with sufficient notice.

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Field Trips

We welcome all groups to explore, learn and grown with us. We function by local donations only and wish to never turn anyone away. We do suggest a $3 donation per child.

The children will be able to tour our farm with demonstration gardens, ponds, playground, and barn yard with pigs, horses, donkey, rabbits, turkey, chicken, ducks and more! The children will receive an educational program and be able to participate in age appropriate activities. A train ride will provide a tour of the pasture and ponds. As we are a licensed DCF facility, safety is one of our highest priorities. There are hand washing sinks stationed all around the property.

We do try to keep groups a maximum of 30 children. If you have more than that number, we will break up your children into smaller groups. For example, one group of 25 will be meeting and greeting the animals in the barn yard while another 25 will be taking turns on the train ride while the last group of 30 will be exploring the gardens.

Please check out our facebook page for the latest photos, activities and improvements! I hope to meet with you and your students soon!

Summer Day Camp

Each week has a new theme. Kids of similar ages are grouped together for various age-appropriate activities. The favorite activity for all ages is definitely the swimming pool, but there is also fishing, riding, and lots of other fun things to do on the farm. Animals on hand include – but are not limited to – dogs, cats, goats, pigs, horses and ponies, sheep, donkey, rabbits, and birds of all shapes and sizes. 

Just as in the preschool, all of the kids really seem to enjoy collecting eggs from the nesting boxes attached to the chicken coop and giving treats to the goats, especially when there is a baby that needs to be bottle-fed! Lunches and snacks include some food raised on the farm and other healthy foods, following the USDA Food Program guidelines.

Kiddoes can be registered for a single week, or the entire summer. Contact the office for this year’s schedule and availability.

We are also available for off-days from public and private school (Spring Break, Winter Break, etc).

Operating hours are from 6 am to 6 pm, Monday-Friday. Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are provided.

Home School Days

During our Home School Days, we will be using our outdoor classroom to enhance your core subjects by using math to plan out the garden, count how many eggs are collected, and tell or write stories about the animals. The classes will focus on one area of the farm and utilize many standards. Theme changes each month. A Duval County Elementary school teacher has designed the program.

As more families have become interested and joined in on this opportunity, the demonstrations have become bigger and better. Each one seems to get more interesting. They are always interactive, educational, and fun for all. We use different areas of the farm as needed for various lessons.

Please RSVP so we know how many to expect and can prepare materials for everyone. 

Class is on the second Friday of every month throughout the school year from 10 to 11 followed by a 30 minute picnic and play time.

There is no cost for this program, but it is funded by donations. Donation boxes are located on site. If you enjoy the program, please consider a donation to help keep it going.