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Don Quixote

Farm Animal Rescue and Adoption

Two ways to help rescued farm animals - Bring one Home, or Become an Angel to one of our Resident animals

The ultimate goal is to find a new and more permanent home for them. As much as we love each new addition to our farm family, we have to make room for another animal who is in need of “TLC”. Most of the animals we rescue are evaluated, rehabilitated and adopted into new, forever homes.
If you have the space, time and finances to care for a new family member and are able to contract that you will open your home to an animal for the rest of his or her life, we would love for you to adopt an available animal. Adoption fees and requirements vary per animal.

There are a few animals that will have a home with us for the rest of their lives. Our Farm Rescue Support program is another way for you to be involved in caring for these animals in need. You too can be an angel and help ensure that these animals will never suffer again. Your contribution will be used solely for the care and feeding of these animals, providing food, vitamins, minerals, veterinary care and housing. You will receive quarterly updates and more with your monthly or annual contribution.

Please Contact Us if either option appeals to you, or if you have an animal you need to re-home. 

Bring a bit of the farm home with you

Inviting a rescued farm animal into your life
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Cinderella and a kid

We have a wide variety of animals that pass through our gates. Contrary to what some believe, not all "rescues" come from poor conditions. Some were brought to us as soon as their previous caretakers knew they needed to find them a new home, some come to us an infants rejected by parent animals, and sadly, some are very much rescued from an unhappy environment. Before considering adoption for any of these animals, health and temperament are evaluated. They are rehabilitated if necessary and given much love and care while they stay at the farm.

We also teach farming, and that includes breeding, birthing, and care of newborns - so some are born here, too. Though these are not technically "rescues", they are adoptable. These are also evaluated for health and temperament before considering for adoption.

The ultimate goal is to find a proper forever home for all of our "farm babies", no matter where they started out. Sometimes, that is staying with us at Celestial Farms, and sometimes that means going to a new forever home with folks just like you. You can take one (or more!) of our temporary residents home with you, for a modest fee (varies per animal) and the promise that you will provide a forever home.

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A happy sow with her adorable piglets

We are NOT a cat or dog rescue, but sometimes we will know of one in need of a new home. If you are looking for a cat or dog, please contact your local shelter, or check This service helps "people adopt purebred & mixed animals from individuals, families, shelters and rescue groups needing to place them in an emergency." We have a page on this site for some of our animals.

Check out the Current Adoptables album on Facebook to see who needs a home, or better yet - call or stop by for the most recent and accurate information!

Rescued Animal Support Program

Be an Angel to one of our Residents
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Gruff the Billy Goat

Some of the animals that we rescue are healthy creatures full of love, but for certain reasons not considered "adoptable" meaning that their forever home is right here on the farm. These animals receive our love and attention as much as any of the animals on the farm, but that does not mean that they do not need your love, too!

Through the Rescue Support Program, you can become an "Angel" and support an animal of your choice from our current residents by pledging to make a financial donation to help feed the animal. You are also welcome to bring the animal treats and to come share some love or grooming depending on their needs. In return you will receive a framed photograph of your "farm baby", quarterly status updates on the animal's health and well-being, and a plaque with your name will be hung on the pen for all to see.

You may choose a one-time donation that will help cover feed costs for the year, or a monthly payment arrangement can be made. Fee varies per animal as each individual has different medical and nutritional needs.

Each animal has their own story about how they came to the farm and why they need such extra special care.

Please call/email with any questions about the program or individual animals, or to sign up today! Contact us and ask about supporting an animal or schedule a visit to tour the farm.

Rescue Pics and Stories

Please enjoy some of our pictures and stories. These feature our Resident Animals that have found a forever home here at Celestial Farms; and Rescue Success stories from animals that have moved on to new homes.